Developed in collaboration with:
Health Education England

The Jobs that Care Programme is a collaborative programme developed by South West London Health Care Partnership and Health Education England. The programme is designed to help increase the number of young people that seek employment in health and social care.

This programme is designed to develop awareness of the many different roles available in health and social care and the entry qualifications. Primarily it is aimed at secondary school students who are considering subject options. However, it is equally relevant to anyone considering their first job, a change in career or returning to work.

Many students are unaware of the broad range of career opportunities offered in health & social care. Jobs That Care helps them to discover that health and social care offer an attractive career path and so increase the chances that they will seek employment here.

Jobs That Care is an innovative combination of live dramatic performance, a board game and complementary digital resources that guide students through a journey that enables them to explore the full range of career opportunities offered by health & social care. It helps them identify a job in health & social care that suits them and to learn more about the requirements and responsibilities.

The main aims of the programme are to inform and inspire students to:

  • Recognise that health & social care is more diverse than they knew
  • Appreciate the variety of roles, not just for highly qualified specialists
  • Realise a job in health & social care offers training and career progression
  • Understand that a career within health & social care is fulfilling and rewarding
  • Discover that working in health & social care is exciting and sociable
  • Take positive action to discover more and explore the resources available

While the ultimate goal for Jobs That Care is to attract more young people into a health and social, the programme is not purely a careers tool. By engaging with Jobs That Care students will also learn about the size and structure of the NHS and social care and how the systems work day-to-day.

Jobs That Care is a blended active learning experience that encourages students to use higher thinking skills while making the learning process fun and stress-free which may improve knowledge retention (Akl et al 2013). Jobs That Care encourages students to discuss and explore health and social care, allowing them to acquire new knowledge, share experiences and learn from each other.

The Jobs that Care programme launches in January 2019 with a unique and highly memorable suite of blended learning solutions

The Jobs That Care Play

The programme launches with the Jobs that Care Play. This play has been scripted specifically for Jobs that Care by Enact Solutions which takes the audiences through three-engaging scenes based in a GP surgery, a community setting and finally, a hospital.

The plot reveals three young school mates seeking out a lost friend moving through the three scenes and meeting many different health and social care professionals along the way. The first two-week tour will visit 20 schools in South West London and will be played out to the Year 8 groups, reaching some 5,000 students in total.

The Jobs That Care Game

Reinforcing the play is the Jobs that Care Game. This bespoke game has been co-designed with Focus Games and enables students to:

  • Develop general knowledge around health and social care through Quiz cards
  • Learn about different roles, the qualifications required and the typical place of work
  • Actively collaborate through Event cards by matching Role cards to a range of health and social care scenarios

Price of single game:
£60.00 EXC Vat

Price of 'Class Pack' (4 games):
£200.00 EXC Vat

The game enables teamwork, discussions, sharing current knowledge and learning together. You can download a copy of the rules and a ‘how to play’ infographic below:

The Jobs That Care Digital Solution

The Jobs that Care Digital solution extends the reach of the play and board game to many more young people, teachers and parents. It consists of an app, digital game and this website, developed by Focus Games. This will enable students to access the many different health and social care roles in a couple of clicks, making it simple, easy and quick to find information. The digital game will test your knowledge of health and social care, ideal for playing at conferences, careers fairs or at home.